All You need to know about GoPro Karma

gopro-karma-13We knew it was coming, but after being delayed, GoPro has finally unveiled its Karma Drone. The new drone is compact, sleek and foldable which is designed to fit in any backpacks. Along with gaming-like controller, with a built-in touch screen, it will further add to your adventure experience. But, is it “more than just a drone?’. Let us have a look at what additional features company offers along with GoPro Drone.

GoPro Karma Specs and Features:


No doubt, it is one of the most portable drone out there. According to GoPro, the drone weighs 1,006gm, the stabilizer is 230 gms, the grip handle 244.6 gms and the controller in at 625 gms. So it’s just over 2 kgs. Karma folds up into a backpack even with the props on. All the parts including propellers to Karma Core are replaceable.

Flight Specs:

The Drone can achieve maximum speed of 56 km/h, a maximum altitude of 4.5 km. It operates at the frequency of 2.4 GHz at a maximum distance of 1 km.
It also features built-in no-fly zones and immediate return to home button which ensures minimum chances of losing the drone. The flight simulator at the end of the setup process explains the user about all the things they need to know before flying.

Flying Modes/Automated Shot Modes:

Dronie: Takes a selfie while flying outwards from the subject.
Orbit: Rotates around a given point at a specified altitude.
Cable Cam: Specify two points, and have drone fly along that path over specified duration.
Reveal: Flies in a straight line while slowly panning up to subject.


The 14.8V, 5100 mAh LiPo battery is powerful enough to give it a flight time of approximately 20 mins. Fortunately, the battery is removable and can be charged separately in one hour. The charger provided by Gopro can be used to charge battery of the drone, its controller and also the grip.


Karma is compatible with the new GoPro cameras HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session. It is also compatible with Hero4 (Silver and Black).

GoPro Karma Stabilizer:

The Karma’s stabilizer is located at the front which means the drone’s propellers will never be in the view while recording. The karma’s 3-axes stabilizer has a 90 degree range of motion helps your footage to be shake free and smooth. This stabilizer can be removed and used separately with Karma Grip so the stabilization system is available at any time for various scenarios.

GoPro Karma Grip:gopro-karma-8

The built-in buttons on the grip are used to control the camera and it can be handheld or mounted to your body, vehicle and much more. You get to control the camera’s shutter buttons, change camera modes, stabilizer angle and also turn on or off the camera. The battery life of the grip is 1.75 hrs and charging time is about 2 hrs.

Karma Controller:gopro-karma-16

The 2.4 Ghz controller is specifically designed to make flying as easy as possible. This controller has its own 720p, 5″ touch screen that shows real-time view from the camera along with joysticks and dedicated camera buttons. Challenging part for many beginners is to safely takeoff or land a drone which often results in a crash. This is taken care by the company as it provides one-button takeoff/land. Once in the air, the drone can be controlled by gaming inspired analog sticks.

Karma Passenger App:

The Karma controller also has this new feature called Passenger App allowing you to share your flying experience with friends. Passenger App can be installed in iPhone(iOS 9 or later) or Android(5.0 or later). This App lets the secondary users to view live footage and at the same time control the camera or capture video/photo.

Release Date & Price:

The whole bundle including a Hero5 will cost $1099. If you prefer to get it with the new Hero5 Session, its $999. If you already have GoPro Hero4(Silver & Black) and prefer to buy it without any camera, it’ll cost $799.
The Drone will go on sale on October 23.


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