How to make money with your Drone

      According to this infographic from an insurance company Colonial Life’s Living Business blog, a drone pilot can earn up to $ 100,000 a year!

      Once you have your drone and know how to fly it you can use it for commercial purposes. But before you do that make sure to obtain permissions/licence which is required by your local/state government in your country.

1) Real Estate

aerial view of building


      Real Estate companies are always fighting to gather more advertising impressions to stand out from the crowd. Drones are being used to give their customers an aerial view of the property and its surroundings. The low altitude footage helps in getting spectacular view of the location. This was not possible few years back and using any other alternative is much expensive.

2) Security


  You might be familiar with many police/security organisations using drones to monitor illegal activities. These organisations mainly hire private drone operators to do this task. Many private companies/factories uses drones to secure highly sensitive areas to avoid trespassing. The company prefers this as it is economically cost-effective. One security personnel with a drone can quickly cover large area instead of 4-5 security personnel to cover the same area without a drone.

3) Structural Inspection

Construction companies and architects responsible for large projects are using drones to monitor the progress of the project. The drones can be used to capture videos in such a way that it allows the architects/ auditors to monitor the structure.

4) Aerial Surveying

aerial survey

      Gone are the days where helicopters and airplanes are used in topography, cartography and archaeology for obtaining information. Now a days, aerial surveying is done by drones equipped with high-resolution camera/sensors since they are capable of flying at low speeds and altitude than the traditional aircrafts.

5) Creating and monetizing YouTube channel

youtube button

      How about including aerial video in your travel vlog?

Many YouTubers are including aerial videos of exotic places and are more becoming more popular hence, attracting many viewers. You can easily find a guide on ‘Monetizing your YouTube channel’ or ‘making money on YouTube’.

6) Film making

film making

    Drones capable of carrying high quality video cameras are used to shoot many scenes in Hollywood and Bollywood movies. This can be less expensive option than jibs, cranes and camera mounted on helicopter to get the perfect tracking shot.

7) Wedding Photography

wedding photo using drone

    The business of aerial wedding coverage is growing rapidly. Typically, the aerial shots are done in an outdoor environments to capture the beautiful surroundings which cannot be taken from the ground. You can easily subcontract with the photographer/videographer to provide them with aerial shots. Make sure to fly at a safe distance from the crowd.

Please Note:

This article is written for a worldwide audience. Some countries highly restrict, forbid or require licensing and qualification when flying UAVs or using them for commercial purposes. Safety issues are not discussed in this article as the purpose of this article is to make reader aware of the available options to earn money using UAV. PLEASE, always fly responsibly and with public safety in mind as your first priority.

Post Author: Aniket Jadhav

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